Whether you want to make sure you’re on the right track before you tie the knot, or you’re at your wit’s end fighting the same fight, couples counseling can help you address what’s necessary to grow and heal your relationship.

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I offer a space in which difficult feelings can be explored between the couple without judgment or blame. My role is to provide a safe and informed place in which a couple can become clear about what is happening between them, allowing them to create the relationship they want. Chances are that if you are on this page, you are likely in a time in your life where couples work with a therapist would be helpful.


Couples Counseling and Marriage Therapy

Couples often come in for counseling at a point where they believe their relationship is beyond repair. Communication has broken down, they lack trust, and intimacy no longer exists. Giving yourselves a chance to address this in therapy increases your chance of resolution.


Premarital Counseling

Preparing for your marriage can be such an exciting and busy time, but investing in your relationship will reap tremendous benefits. Take the time and devote it to learning how to keep the love and desire alive, while addressing realistic topics you'll inevitably face while married.


Infidelity Therapy & Affair Recovery

One of the greatest challenges a couple will face is infidelity. This level of pain and devastation may be so extreme that you question every part of the relationship.


Preventative couples Counseling and marriage Therapy

Preventative Therapy is such a healthy option for all couples to proactively approach their relationship and not wait for something to go wrong. If you and your partner are planning on getting married soon, I offer pre-marriage counseling sessions.

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