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Whether you have recently told your spouse or partner about an affair, or whether you have recently discovered infidelity, finding infidelity therapy, infidelity counseling or affair recovery counseling is a crucial first step toward healing.  Although you may feel alone and ashamed and reluctant to tell anyone about what you are going through, you are not alone. In fact, infidelity is very common. 30 to 50 percent of all couples will have an experience of infidelity.  One of the greatest challenges a couple will face is infidelity. This level of pain and devastation may be so extreme that you question every part of the relationship.

The causes of infidelity vary and can be incredibly complex. Affairs can happen in happy marriages as well as troubled ones, and although we’re all susceptible to the betrayal, the good news is that the majority of marriages not only survive infidelity, but they can become stronger and more intimate after therapy. If your partner was unfaithful, are you struggling with feelings of abandonment or wondering if you’ve been thrown away for something “better?” Maybe you feel betrayed and are now preoccupied with a lack of trust. You may keep asking questions of your partner in a frantic quest to control the situation. You want reassurance and accountability, and it may feel like your relationship will never be the same. After an affair, it’s not uncommon for both partners to experience intense waves of emotions.

It’s important to know whether the purpose of treatment is to rebuild the marriage, resolve ambivalence, or separate amicably. One spouse may want to reconcile while the other is unsure, or has even decided that they no longer want to stay in the relationship. It’s common to worry that you and your partner will never be able to regain the love you once shared. However, the truth is that overcoming infidelity is possible, and more common than you may think. In fact, many couples who participate in couples’ therapy after infidelity often reconnect and find that their relationships are stronger than ever.

Our process is one of recovery and healing that ultimately leads to forgiveness. Although this process is not a quick one, the stages help us establish safety while addressing painful feelings and emotions around the affair.

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