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We have marriage counselors and couples therapists to help you through any difficult times. Though I may not necessarily believe all relationships are destined to last forever, I do subscribe to the idea that couples should try everything they can to see if they can make it work, which means trying couples counseling – ideally, sooner rather than later.
I truly believe a relationship can be transformed if both individuals people are committed to working together toward a solution and, individually, willing to take responsibility for their part of the problem. Most deep wounds happen in a relational context and I believe so does most healing. I am a psychotherapist who specializes in couples counseling and marriage therapy in Austin.

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Good relationships don’t just happen, they’re created!

When Austin couples come to me, I often hear from couples who are in despair, frightened that their relationship is beyond help. Their communications have broken down and trust has eroded. They are in need a couples therapy or what others call marriage counseling in order to heal the wounds that have been created over many years. When we become a couple and fall in love, we invest part of ourselves in a new shared identity, which provides us with intimacy and safety which also becomes our greatest challenge. I find it helpful for couples to think of their relationship and family not just as a few individuals, but as a type of system–a culture within the broader culture that has been shaped over time by its members. Each individual partner also comes from the culture of their particular family and the values and norms that came with it. I work to help couples realize that the creation of a relationship and a family is the act of creating a new culture.


From Dr. Gottman

Austin Couples and Marriage Counseling

Couples often come in for counseling at a point where they believe their relationship is beyond repair. Communication has broken down, they lack trust, and intimacy no longer exists. Giving yourselves a chance to address this in therapy increases your chance of resolution.


Infidelity Therapy

The causes of infidelity vary and can be incredibly complex. Affairs can happen in happy marriages as well as troubled ones, and although we’re all susceptible to the betrayal, the good news is that the majority of marriages not only survive infidelity, but they can become stronger and more intimate after therapy.


Preventative Therapy

Come in and address important topics that all couples should talk about and explore together. Preventative Therapy is a great option for you if you feel you have a strong, solid relationship, a strong sense of “we” and see yourselves as a unit that is able to communicate effectively.


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